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The Community of Practice on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The Community of Practice on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The Community of Practice on Inclusive Entrepreneurship (COPIE) is a learning network of ESF Managing Authorities and Implementing Bodies at national and regional level in Europe.

As recession bites all of the Member States of the European Union are looking for new solutions to create jobs that are being lost across the economy. Stimulating entrepreneurship is one part of a coordinated response.

The COPIE partners share a common concern to widen entrepreneurship and make support systems work better across diverse populations. They have demonstrated that it is possible to make it easier for people from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds or places to engage in setting up businesses .
With the right conditions and policies, the members of COPIE believe entrepreneurship has the potential to unleash the creativity and energy of millions of people in Europe. The ESF (and ERDF) can play a much stronger and more coherent role in supporting this.

COPIE is focused on presenting solutions on how to make this happen.

Delegates at the COPIE Policy Forum on April 16-17, 2012 in Berlin reflect upon the importance of the COPIE network and the lessons learned to promote inclusive entrepreneurship in Europe.

COPIE Story of the Month

Copie Story of the Month

The COPIE Policy Forum on "Entrepreneurship for All: Promoting inclusive growth in Europe through the European Structural Funds" took place on April 16-17, 2012 in Berlin. With a total number of 70 delegates from twelve EU countries and thirteen different European regions, this interactive and lively event proved to be an excellent forum for discussing the results of COPIE’s work.