Access to Finance

Peer Review Methodology for the Access to Finance sector

Work methodology
Structured learning of successful models via transnational exchange of experience.

19-20 January 2011 International Workshop on Access to Finance in Lithuania

During the first meeting of the Access to Finance thematic group which is led by ESF Flanders and ESF Czech Republic, Lithuania as one of the partners hosted in Vilnius an interactive event in Vilnius in which they presented their newly introduced financial engineering measure 'Entrepreneurship Promotion'. This measure served as a background for an interesting review on the state of affairs of access to finance in Lithuania.

Please find the presentations of this event here (zip, 3,9 MB).

COPIE Toolkit

Many people across Europe are falling through a gap between entrepreneurship and employment policies. On the one hand, many of those responsible for economic and business development feel that entrepreneurship is primarily the reserve of the more educated and technologically advanced members of society. On the other hand, those concerned with social inclusion and employment policy often feel that the way to combat exclusion is through employment.

Access to Finance

The main objectives of this group are to examine ESF intervention in support for microfinance in Europe; to identify and review current practices; and to make suggestions for future ESF intervention. The core members of this group include the Czech Republic, Germany, Flanders, Lithuania and Spain.