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Many people across Europe are falling through a gap between entrepreneurship and employment policies. On the one hand, many of those responsible for economic and business development feel that entrepreneurship is primarily the reserve of the more educated and technologically advanced members of society. On the other hand, those concerned with social inclusion and employment policy often feel that the way to combat exclusion is through employment.

COPIE argues that people from disadvantaged groups can help to create their own future rather than hope that decent jobs trickle down from the high technology, high growth sectors. Widening participation in enterprise can enable more people to benefit from Europe’s enterprise culture.

Based on its network experience, COPIE has published a COPIE Toolkit for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. The Tookit is designed to help policy makers and regional and national ESF and ERDF Managing Authorities from across Europe to develop and deliver successful inclusive entrepreneurship support.

The full COPIE Toolkit document is available for download here.

The following chart provides an overview of the different tools that COPIE has developed. More information on specific areas can be found by using the side navigation to the left.


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