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COPIE Diagnosis Tool

COPIE Tools - COPIE Diagnosis Tool

The COPIE Diagnosis Tool for inclusive entrepreneurship is a standardised instrument for assessing local or regional business support infrastructures and their inclusive approach towards entrepreneurship. It was developed in 2006/2007 in the context of the European Community Initiative EQUAL and combines a secondary analysis of the overall start-up environment in the region with a direct survey among policy-makers, start-up and business advisors, and entrepreneurs.

Its benefits include

  • an increased awareness of strengths and weaknesses within the regional support infrastructure;
  • the opportunity for comparing perceptions of the needs of different stakeholder groups and clients,
  • the provision of access to European good practice in specific fields of entrepreneurship support and the opportunity for transnational collaboration through COPIE.

Between 2007 and 2011, the COPIE Diagnosis Tool was applied to 18 European regions and cities (please see selected reports in the Policy Debate section of this website).

As a tool based on collaborative action, it was adapted and revised several times based on the experience gained through implementation.

The majority of COPIE partners have applied the tool and have in fact chosen to participate in individual groups based on a diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses of their respective enterprise support systems.

A new manual for the implementation of the COPIE Diagnosis Tool has now been finalised and is available for download:

COPIE Diagnosis Tool - Manual for implementation (English)
(pdf, english, 383 KB)

COPIE Diagnosis Tool - Manual for implementation (German)
Download (pdf, german, 1,6 MB)

COPIE is happy to also provide you with the data evaluation tool upon request. To obtain this document, please contact our COPIE member Norbert Kunz.