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COPIE Entrepreneurship Education Diagnosis Tool

COPIE’s Entrepreneurship Education Tool helps policy makers to identify, analyze, and reflect on the main strengths and the gaps or challenges to be overcome in the design and delivery of entrepreneurship education policies in a given geographical area, taking into account the opinions and perspectives of different stakeholders.

The COPIE Entrepreneurship Education Tool aims at gaining an insight into the state-of-the-art of entrepreneurship education by taking into account perspectives from different stakeholders:

  • Decision makers (national/regional/local authorities)
  • Intermediary organizations/Advisers /Trainers
  • Practitioners (Headmasters/Teachers)
  • Employers (private/public/third sector)
  • Students

Stakeholders are asked to go through and comment on a series of statements about the main aspects of entrepreneurship education as part of a specific set of survey questionnaires. Items are grouped in the following five overall themes, bearing in mind general progression models such as the Progression Model for Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems in Europe (EC 2010).

  • Definition. Do all actors mean the same by entrepreneurship education?
  • Policy. Is there a coherent strategy put in place?
  • Practice. How is the policy translated into action?
  • Evaluation. What does success look like and how is it measured?
  • Dissemination. What is actually being done to communicate the value of entrepreneurship education?

The views of different stakeholders will be compared at a later stage during the action planning process. The analysis will be carried out from a user perspective, and different stakeholders’ responses will be analysed using COPIE Data Evaluation Tool.

Together with a sample questionnaire, the manual on how to use the Entrepreneurship Education diagnosis tool to undertake an assessment of entrepreneurship education and to identify good practice in a given geographical area can be downloaded here:

Download (Manual) (English, pdf, 222 KB)
Download (Questionnaire Practitioners) (English, pdf, 96 KB)

Should you be interested in applying the tool, do not hesitate contacting COPIE’s Lead expert for Entrepreneurship Education Ivan Diego.