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on the need for including entrepreneurship education in the inclusive entrepreneurship support policy agenda.

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Wikipreneurship is the wiki knowledge centre about inclusive entrepreneurship, local development, social entrepreneurship and social innovation that you can edit. As a collaborative online platform users are invited to add own case studies, article or reports on inclusive and social entrepreneurship.

Wikipreneurship is a COPIE product with 999 articles since February 2008. In January 2012, Wikipreneurship had over 2.0 million page views.

Across this COPIE website you might come across the wikipreneurship icon.

This icons indicates that there is more information on this specific topic or definition to be found in wikipreneurship. If you click on the icon you will be directed to the respective wikipreneurship page. To go back to the COPIE Website, once you have finished the article, you have to click the ‘back’ button in your browser.

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