Entrepreneurship education in Germany, February 2011

Initiativkreis „Unternehmergeist in die Schulen“

(Committee of initiatives “Promoting entrepreneurial skills in schools”)

The committee has been initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in 2007. At the moment it is formed by 11 initiatives who for years are actively engaged in this field. They meet for two working sessions in a year, present their activities at the “didacta” (The German fair on education and lifelong learning), organise information events and seminars.

The initiatives agree on their responsibility for the future of youth living in Germany. Young people should be prepared in an optimal way for their career and working life. Personal responsibility, self-competences, flexibility, entrepreneurial attitude and initiative are important competences everybody will need for his or her working life – not only to do an own business.

Therefore the member initiatives focus on:

  • Working with teaching and learning methods fostering initiative and responsibility of students
  • Providing information and support for teachers
  • Establishing links between schools and economic sector
  • Offering well-structured information on entrepreneurship initiatives in Germany as well as quality criteria.

Current members of the committee:

JUNIOR, business@school eine Initiative von The Boston Consulting Group, Jugend gründet, Deutscher Gründerpreis für Schüler, Schul/Banker, TheoPrax, Fachnetzwerk Schülerfirmen der Deutschen Kinder- und Jugendstiftung, NEBS, Ifex, Ideen machen Schule, Achievers International, NFTE.

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