Iain Willox

Iain Willox


"I see entrepreneurial behaviour as something all citizens can display and when this occurs the community as a whole benefits both socially and economically."


Iain Willox: Action Planning Methodology




United Kingdom


EU Coordination  Expert
Action Planning Expert


Heybrook, Nash Manor Gardens, Cowbridge
Vale of Glamorgan Wales
United Kingdom

0144 677 27 58
My Affiliation with COPIE: 

EU Coordinator and Action Planning expert.

I am Member of the Working Group(s) or have participated in: 

Action Planning (leader)

The two most relevant Topics within COPIE for my work are: 

Much of my work is concerned with bringing key stakeholders together in such a way that they apply their resources and commitment in a coordinated manner within their region.

The second area would be to bring regional stakeholders together with their counterparts from other regions to compare notes, tackle challenges together and take action as a result .

Both of these are an integral part of action planning and of the wider objectives of COPIE as a whole.

Description of the Organisation / Region i am working for: 

As an expert this I do not work for any particular region but have been able to witness the considerable benefits that inclusive entrepreneurship has brought to the regions I have been working with.

Two such benefits stand out; firstly the development of businesses with strong roots in the local area and secondly by tapping into peoples talents and enthusiasms it is possible to create employment opportunities for members of the population who might not otherwise find suitable vacancies.