Maria José Cabanillas

María José Cabanillas


"Knowing different practices that are successfully being implemented in other countries and regions provides us with interesting examples from which we can draw ideas in order to redraft Andalusian employment politics"


Andalusian Employment Service, Andalusian Regional Ministry of Employment


Spain- Andalusia


Head of Entrepreneurship Projects and Initiatives Department.


Polígono Hytasa, C/ Seda, nave 5, 2ª planta
41006 Sevilla (Spain)

+ 34 955 033 519
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Quality Management

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Quality Management
Access to Finance
Copie Tool

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Andalusian Government’s active policies on self-employed work:

1. Recruitment, motivation and information of entrepreneurs

1.1. Basic information and advice

  • Andalucía Orienta Network
  • Training + Employment Programmes
  • Andalusian Professional Training Consortiums Network

1.2. Specialized support for entrepreneurship and self-employed work

  • Andalusian Regional Support Network for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Workers
  • Collaborating organizations that provide advice for self-employed work

2. Economic and financing support for business start-up, consolidation and updating

  • Business start-up economic support
  • Business consolidation economic support
  • Incentives for permanent recruitment
  • Support fund for self-employed workers

3. “New sources of employment” programme to promote self-employed work in collaboration with municipal councils

4. Vocational Training for Employment

  • Plan for Entrepreneurial Culture Promotion in Andalusian Public Education System
  • Vocational Training for Employment

    • Training module on “Self-employed work promotion

    • Specialized entrepreneurial training

    • Vocational training for employment targeting self-employed workers

5. Prevention of self-employed work risks

6. Reconciliation among self-employed work, family and private life

  • Self-employed women support incentives
  • Research and innovative actions

6. Self-employed work knowledge and dissemination programme