COPIE Mid-Term Event

Hosted and organised by the German Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, the COPIE Mid-Term Event on ‘Kick-starting Economic Recovery – the Role of Entrepreneurship in the Structural Funds’ took place on March 31 – April 1, 2011 in Berlin.

With a total number of 68 delegates from nine EU countries and eight different European regions, this lively, highly interactive and dynamic event proved to be an excellent forum for sharing experience from across Europe on how the ESF and the ERDF are currently being used by Managing Authorities to stimulate entrepreneurship.

For the full conference report and the presentations, please go the Policy Debate section of this website.

Download: Agenda (pdf, 76 KB)
Download: Summary (pdf, 275 KB)

Thursday, March 31, 2011 to Friday, April 1, 2011