The EC’s ‘JASMINE HelpDesk’ is up-and-running!

The European Microfinance Network has been selected to manage the EC’s ‘JASMINE HelpDesk’ online, providing answers to questions posed about microfinance.

The European Commission (EC) is providing welcome funding and support to microfinance institutions in the European Union. The Commission believes that “small businesses are the lifeblood of thriving economies. Their continued success and growth depends very much on finance that is relevant to their scale and level of complexity”.

The European Microfinance Network (EMN) is pleased to have been selected as a provider in the EC’s ‘JASMINE’ programme. EMN has been chosen to implement a new project called ‘Microfinance Development Services’. The Network has just started to manage a permanent online help-desk - the ‘JASMINE HelpDesk’ - hosted on the European Commission’s website. The HelpDesk provides answers to questions posed (in English, French, Spanish and German) relating to microfinance in Europe. From this, EMN will develop a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) section of the website.

The helpdesk is open to all - individuals, micro entrepreneurs, micro enterprises and other people and organisations interested in microfinance in Europe.

EMN encourages everybody to use the ‘JASMINE HelpDesk’ for any questions they may have about microfinance, especially concerning the EC’s ‘Code of Good Conduct’.

Should you require any further information, please contact EMN at:

Editors’ notes:

  • The mission of EMN is to promote microfinance as a tool to fight social and economic exclusion and to promote micro entrepreneurship and self-employment. This is achieved by supporting the development of microfinance organisations through the dissemination of good practices and by improving the regulatory frameworks for microfinance, self-employment and microentreprises at the European Union and Member State levels. Currently EMN has 91 member organisations in 21 European countries. (
  • In its communication of November 2007 ‘A European initiative for the development of micro-credit in support of growth and development’, the Commission highlighted ‘the potential of micro-credit to stimulate the EU’s economy and underlined the need to facilitate access to finance for very small businesses and disadvantaged people’.
  • JASMINE (Joint Action to Support Microfinance Institutions in Europe) is managed by the European Investment Fund. JASMINE’s principal objectives are to: enhance the capacity of non-bank micro-credit providers/micro-finance institutions; and help them to become sustainable and viable operators in the micro-credit market.