ETF and ECORYS publish new report: 'Teacher Education for Entrepreneurship: Towards a Development Agenda'

Initiated by the European Commission, the European Training Foundation and the international research and consultancy agency ECORYS recently published a new report on 'Teacher Education for Entrepreneurship: Towards a Development Agenda'. The report provides a summary and evaluation of a pilot action on training teachers for entrepreneurship education funded by the EU Commission, DG Enterprise and DG Education and Culture. By identifying actions for stakeholders at all levels in the process, the report provides key findings on how to help teachers at all levels to acquire the right skills, knowledge and attitudes to be able to provide their students with the new curricula, pedagogies and learning environments that they will need if they are to acquire entrepreneurial competencies. It concludes by setting out the ‘Budapest Agenda’ for action by all stakeholders and by making specific recommendations for the European Commission.

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