EU DG Education and Culture publishes 'Mapping of teachers' preparation for entrepreneurship education' report

This study is an attempt to get a first impression on the level and type of activities taken at practitioner level to include entrepreneurship in teacher education. It is a pilot study that might serve as a basis for the design of further research, but is by no means complete or exhaustive. The study covers a selection of ten countries, eight EU Member States and two countries outside the EU, as follows: Austria, Belgium (Flanders only), Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, the UK (Scotland only), Croatia and Norway. In all countries studied, political willingness to implement entrepreneurship education in schools at primary and secondary level has been identified. Entrepreneurship education in schools and higher education institutions is promoted by national initiatives and strategies; curricula and schools (and hence teachers) are expected to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in this area.

The report is available for download here.