New self-learning handbook for business start-up advisors in Galicia

Based on the British ACCBA/SFEDI community-based business advisors' guide, COPIE's Thematic Group on Quality Management has developed a self-learning handbook in Spanish for business advisors in Galicia.

The guide is written and designed in way that advisors can refer to the appropriate sections whenever they need to, rather than read from cover to cover.

Throughout advisors find the guide:

  • Introduces them to the real life world and work of a business adviser;
  • Helps them develop their own confidence, capability, competence and knowledge;
  • Provides them with analytical tools and checklists which they can use to your help their clients;
  • Deals with problems and opportunities a client may have from pre start, through start up, to an existing business;
  • Shows them where to go if they need more assistance;
  • Contributes to them meeting competence standards developed by COPIE and gets them ready to be assessed against these standards.

To obtain a copy of this tool, please go to the COPIE Tools section.