Marion Cahen

Marion Cahen

"The business sector in Flanders has a large share of SME’s but the Total Entrepreneurial Activity rate of Flanders measured by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is rather low.

A change of mentality of the Flemish population is needed to convince more people that self-employment can be an alternative solution next to the traditional economic and social measures.

The path to entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups is even more problematic. COPIE can help business support practitioners better understand this target group’s needs."






Credit Officer


Vooruitgangstraat, 333/5
1030 Brussels

+ 32 2 205 17 20
My Affiliation with COPIE: 

Lead Expert CoP Access to Finance

I am Member of the Working Group(s) or have participated in: 

Access to Finance

The two most relevant Topics within COPIE for my work are: 

Access to Finance and Business Development services.

Description of the Organisation / Region i am working for: 

Hefboom is an independent business which aims to promote the creation and development of 'solidarity enterprises' (or socially responsible enterprises) in Flanders and Brussels by supplying them with professional services in the realms of financing, business advice and managerial support. It sees this as a way of increasing solidarity in society in general and the economic sphere in particular.

1. We offer financing opportunities, business advice and managerial support to solidarity enterprises and to persons that belong to specific target groups and who need financing to be able to start there own business

2. We supply savers and investors with ethically sound financial products through which they can invest, either directly or indirectly, in solidarity enterprises.

3. We run Hefboom itself as a solidarity enterprise, applying the corresponding principles to our operations, structure and management.

Hefboom wants to create employment opportunities for all kinds of people, including those who find it hard to get a foothold in the traditional world of work, and it strives for the creation of sustainable employment. Employees should enjoy good working conditions and receive decent wages. Furthermore, all employees should be encouraged to develop their skills and take on responsibilities. Businesses must give priority to activities, products and production methods that are environmentally sound, both in the short and in the long term.