COPIE Tools – Integrated Business Support

The Thematic Group on Business Integrated Support Services aims at identifying the necessary steps that should be taken to structure business support service organisations in one region in a sustainable way. This is crucial for the design and delivery of current and future entrepreneurship programs.

Resources Map

The so-called ‘Resources Map’ is the central tool to be applied in this context. It allows regions to identify organisations, clarify services provided and detect available resources to organize all existing business support services in one area. As a result, policy-makers are able to better plan future actions and programmes to promote entrepreneurship in their area and address respective gaps in the support infrastructure. The Resources Map highlights specialisations of organisations and allows for organising and segmenting them geographically as well as by different phases of the entrepreneurs’ itinerary. These include motivation, pre- start-up support, access to finance, etc.

The central benefit of applying this tool is that it enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of resources provided. It helps to avoid the duplication of entrepreneurship support measures, it promotes cooperation between entities to cover gaps, and, as a result, it creates added value for entrepreneurs.

A guide on how to use the 'Resources Map' is available for download here:

Guide on COPIE Resources Map
Download (pdf, 456 KB)

The full set of documents for applying the Resources Map in your region or country can be found here.

A sample Resources Map from Asturias is also available for download:
Download Resources Map Asturias (pdf, Spanish, 19 MB)