Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2010

by Donna J. Kelley, Niels Bosma, José Ernesto Amorós and Global Entrepreneurship Research Association (GERA)

With this report, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has completed 12 annual surveys of the entrepreneurial attitudes, activities and aspirations of individuals around the world. Starting with just 10 developed countries in 1999, GEM has grown to include over 80 economies during the course of these 12 years. In 2010, over 175,000 people were surveyed in 59 economies.

These 59 economies represent not only the largest sample yet, but also the most geographically and economically diverse group surveyed. Together, this group covers over 52% of the world’s population and 84% of the world’s GDP.

The GEM program is a major initiative aimed at describing and analyzing entrepreneurial processes within a wide range of countries. The program has three main objectives:

  • To measure differences in the level of entrepreneurial activity between countries
  • To uncover factors leading to appropriate levels of entrepreneurship
  • To suggest policies that may enhance the national level of entrepreneurial activity.

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Download Report (pdf, English, 4 MB)