COPIE partners and ESF Managing Authorities from across Europe met for Technical Workshop in Brussels in Dec 2011

On December 15-16, 2011 ESF Flanders hosted a two day technical workshop in Brussels for ESF managing Authorities to provide feedback on a draft version of the ESF Manual on Access to Finance written by the German Microfinance Institute (DMI).

The aim of the Manual is to combine relevant information, considerations, experience, tools and examples relevant for the design of microfinance operations under the ESF.

ESF Managing Authorities from Calabria, Lombardy, Sardinia, and Latvia contributed to the fruitful meeting by delivering presentations on their experience with microfinance schemes. ESF MA's from Greece and Basilicata added to the discussion by sharing results from their initiatives. Finally, representatives of the EU Commission provided valuable reflections on the draft text of the Manual.

The final version will be presented to a broader audience during the general COPIE policy forum which will take place during spring 2012.

More information on the schemes presented are available for download here:

  • Summary of initiatives: Download (pdf, Engish, 144 KB)
  • Presentation of Latvian scheme: Download (pdf, English, 270 KB)
  • Presentation of Sardinian scheme: Download (pdf, English, 1,65 MB)