Lessons Learned - the COPIE Toolkit in Practice

The half-day workshop will present the tools that COPIE members have developed, adapted and tested to a targeted group of EU and regional decision-makers. The main focus will be on the practicalities of implementation from a policy perspective.

The workshop will offer an opportunity to see how the tools are used in practice by the ESF Managing Authorities and Implementing bodies; and to discuss the added value with COPIE regional and national members and experts. It will serve as a ‘taster’ session to the Policy Forum in Germany in April 2012.

Please find the presentations of the different COPIE speakers here:

1. The COPIE Toolkit - Stephanie Koenen: Download (English, pdf, 946 KB)

2. COPIE Diagnosis Tool - Norbert Kunz: Download (English, pdf, 598 KB)

3. Action Planning Tools - Iain Willox: Download (English, pdf, 1,06 MB)

4. Quality Management Tools - Norbert Kunz: Download (English, pdf, 1,26 MB)

5. Access to Finance Tool - Joeri Colson, Stefanie Lämmermann: Download (English, pdf, 768 KB)

6. Entrepreneurship Education Diagnosis Tool - Iván Diego: Download (English, pdf, 1,04 MB)

Thursday, February 23, 2012