Stefanie Laemmermann

Stefanie Laemmermann


"'Entrepreneurship for all' is a response to the changes that the European economy is currently undergoing; COPIE helps EU Members States and regions to build up the necessary knowledge."


Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut DMI e.V.




Project Manager


Hermann-Steinhäuser-Straße 43-47
63065 Offenbach

0049-69 66 77 96 204
My Affiliation with COPIE: 

German Expert for Microfinance

I am Member of the Working Group(s) or have participated in: 

Access to Finance

The two most relevant Topics within COPIE for my work are: 
  • How to develop integrated, inclusive entrepreneurship policies in Europe
  • Improving the legal framework for microenterprises and microfinance in Europe
Description of the Organisation / Region i am working for: 

The German Microfinance Institute DMI is a registered association of currently 71 members and member organisations, comprising microfinance providers, advisory centres for entrepreneurship, local and community business development centres, research institutes and public institutions and associations. Founded in April 2004, the DMI bundles managerial, technical and methodological competence to promote the development of microfinance in Germany. DMI accredits organisations as microfinance providers under the ESF-funded German Microcredit Fund (“Mikrokreditfonds Deutschland”).