Dr. Ralf Sänger

Dr. Ralf Sänger


"Self-employment or entrepreneurship should be an option for everyone. Therefore it is very important to support all people at best if they want to start their own business; in particular those from disadvantaged groups."


Institut für Sozialpädagogische Forschung Mainz e.V.




Head of the IQ Specialist Department of Self-employment


Augustinerstraße 64-66
55116 Mainz

+49/6131/906 18 55
My Affiliation with COPIE: 

Project manager and coordinator for national and transnational projects under the topic “entrepreneurship”.
Since 2011 Head of Specialised Department for Entrepreneurship of ethnic minorities. Special tasks: to foster and to support ethnic entrepreneurship in Germany.

I am Member of the Working Group(s) or have participated in: 

Quality Management, COPIE Diagnosis Tool

The two most relevant Topics within COPIE for my work are: 

Inclusive entrepreneurship
Quality of start-up support and a tailored made business support structure

Description of the Organisation / Region i am working for: 

ISM provides consultancy for public authorities, NGOs and enterprises; project development and management; evaluation; statistical inquiries; social research; social planning; trainings; local and international networking; quality management.
Since 2005 ISM is responsible for a nationwide network of researchers and professionals to support ethnic minority business. Since summer 2011 ism is in charge of a specialist department, financed by the Federal Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs, in order to foster ethnic entrepreneurship in Germany: to train professionals of public and private institutions and to develop new tools and instruments to support ethnic entrepreneurs.
Its main fields of intervention are: labour market policy, social policy, evaluation, business creation, vocational training, youth welfare, education, migration, quality management, diversity management.