EU Commission publishes ‘Common Strategic Framework’ (CSF) and proposes one programming tool for all structural funds

On March 14, 2012, the EU Commission has presented the ‘Common Strategic Framework’ (CSF) which intends to help Member States and their regions in programming and setting clear investment priorities for the next financial planning period from 2014 until 2020.

A central focus of this framework is to ‘increase coherence between policy commitments made in the context of Europe 2020 and investment on the ground’; and to ‘combine various funds to maximise the impact of EU investments’. As Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Lázsló Andor, stated “I want Member States to get more out of the European social fund as a social investment tool. This also means improving coherence with other funds and the common strategic framework is what will help Member States do just that" (EU Commission, press release March 14, 2012).

In terms of COPIE’s work on fostering inclusive entrepreneurship in Europe, the CSF confirms the importance of investments into self-employment and social entrepreneurship measures. As part of the thematic objectives of ‘Promoting Employment and Supporting Labour Mobility’ and ‘Promoting Social Inclusion and Combating Poverty’, key priorities are set out for self-employment, social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

With the COPIE Toolkit on Inclusive Entrepreneurship, COPIE is well prepared to propose to EU Member States and their regions a set of instruments on how to design and deliver inclusive entrepreneurship policy.

By offering a methodology on joint action planning for inclusive entrepreneurship policy COPIE responds to the Commission’s call for coordination among CSF funds and their programming on the Member State and regional level.
With the COPIE diagnosis tool regions and Members states in Europe can gather crucial data and assess and reflect on the current state of the entrepreneurial system.
The COPIE tools on quality management, access to finance, integrated business support services and entrepreneurship education to design effective interventions in these priority areas of inclusive entrepreneurship support.

To read the European Commission press release on the CSF please go here:                    EU Commission – Press release on CSF

To download the Staff Working Document on the CSF please go here: Download - CSF