COPIE publishes Action Plan to promote inclusive entrepreneurship in the next round of the European Structural Funds

As a result of COPIE's work over the past three years, the members of the COPIE network have published a COPIE Action Plan for Inclusive Entrepreneurship that is addressed to policy makers and ESF Managing Authorities in all parts of Europe. It suggests the following seven actions to design and implement successful inclusive entrepreneurship policies on a national or regional level:

1. Obtain sufficient and appropriate information

2. Follow an integrated policy development approach

3. Ensure high quality service provision in start-up and business support

4. Plan for the integration of different service providers

5. Support microcredit

6. Promote skills development and entrepreneurship education

7. Raise awareness and engage in the debate on the benefits of inclusive entrepreneurship

The Action Plan was developed as a joint initiative of all COPIE members with input from delegates and additional network partners who participated in the various COPIE events.

The full document is available for download here:

COPIE Action Plan for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

COPIE is keen to widen the debate and welcomes any comments, further suggestions and feedback on this document. Please feel free to use the comment function below for providing your thoughts.