EU Commission publishes 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan'

In January 2013, the European Commission has published the 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan' as part of its Europe2020 strategy. According to the Commission, the Action plan

'is a blueprint for decisive action to unleash Europe's entrepreneurial potential, to remove existing obstacles and to revolutionise the culture of entrepreneurship in Europe. Investments in changing the public perception of entrepreneurs, in entrepreneurship education and to support groups that are underrepresented among entrepreneurs are indispensable if we want to create enduring change. Only if a large number of Europeans recognise an entrepreneurial career as a rewarding and attractive option will entrepreneurial activity in Europe thrivein the long term.'

In line with COPIE's key themes, the Action Plan specifically points towards reaching out to all groups of society to unleash Europe's full entrepreneurial potential and highlights the need for suitable entrepreneurship education, tailored quality support and the provision of adequate access to finance.

For further information please visit the following EU Commission website.

The Action Plan can be downloaded here.