COPIE Tools Action Planning

The Action Planning tools for developing and sustaining effective inclusive entrepreneurship policies focus on the following topics:

  • 1. Developing a common vision;
  • 2. Agreeing an evaluation strategy;
  • 3. Building an integrated campaign; and
  • 4. Planning for a legacy.

Each topic is addressed through a specific 1.5 day workshop. For a detailed description of the workshop methodology please listen to the Lead expert’s podcast here.

  • The first workshop looks at the process of building a vision of success that could be accepted by partners and that focussed on the end benefits to the citizen.
    COPIE Workshop: Creating a Vision, March 2010
    Download (pdf,  6,4 MB)
  • The second workshop shares experience of practitioners, policy makers and ESF managing authorities when identifying suitable evaluation measures for activity, results and impacts of inclusive entrepreneurship.
    COPIE Workshop: How do we know that we are any good?, August 2011
    Download (pdf, 6,3 MB)
  • The third workshop compares practice of cultural change programmes in each of the COPIE partners and seeks to identify appropriate media for specific audiences.
    COPIE Workshop: How do we sustain a coherent campaign? Time for a Cultural Change?, December 2010
    Download (pdf, 7,2 MB)
  • The fourth workshop considers a number of approaches to planning for legacy arising from inclusive entrepreneurship as currently adopted by ESF managing Authorities and regional governments.
    COPIE Workshop: Planning for Legacy, May 2011
    Download (pdf, 3,7 MB)

For more information on the thematic group on Action Planning please see here