The principal tool that has been tested by this group is a participative workshop methodology which drives delegates to building consensus around a core issue and then generating practical action as a result of this consensus. Supporting this workshop are a series of telephone conferences and personal pledges which collectively have been tested in four separate cycles across all of the participating COPIE members and have proved to be a useful mechanism for change.

Directly as a result of this testing the group has developed four tools each of which provides an overview of some of the basic principles any regional member state might wish to consider. Each tool takes the form of a workshop report providing illustrations of current state of the art for each of the COPIE partners, strengths and weaknesses and lessons learned.

The tools focus upon the following topics:

  • Developing a common vision;
  • Agreeing an evaluation strategy;
  • Building an integrated campaign; and
  • Planning for a legacy.

For more information on these tools please go to the ‘COPIE Tools’ section of this website.