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In January 2013, the European Commission has published the 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan' as part of its...


A new report on the application of the COPIE Diagnosis Tool in Portugal is available for download...


COPIE Members

Welcome to our COPIE community! On the following pages you will find more information as well as contact details of the people ‘behind’ COPIE and of a number of additional experts and practitioners that have actively worked with us on the different aspects of inclusive entrepreneurship.

By selecting a region or country, you will be able to see if and what COPIE has done in your area so far. If there is specific knowledge, practice or information on inclusive entrepreneurship that you would like to share with us, we look forward for you to get in touch with us.

COPIE Affiliates

Žaneta Maskalioviene
Virginia Jiménez
Viktorija Jonušaitė
Toby Johnson
Stephanie Koenen
Stefanie Laemmermann
Norbert Kunz
Noemi Iglesisas Rodriguez
Mechthild Jürgens
Marion Cahen
María José Cabanillas
Maria Del Mar Martinez Salmeron
Joeri Colson
Iván Diego
Iain Willox
Guzmán García González-Posada
Florian Brix
Filip Kučera
Dr. Ralf Sänger
Caroline van der Linden
Brigitte Maas
Beñat Egaña
Aurelio Jiménez Romero
Artūras Bytautas
Ángeles Cruzado Rodríguez
Ana María Méndez Rodríguez