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on his experience of designing and using suitable quality management tools for inclusive entrepreneurship.

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In January 2013, the European Commission has published the 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan' as part of its...


A new report on the application of the COPIE Diagnosis Tool in Portugal is available for download...


COPIE Members and Thematic Groups are actively involved in the debate on the various aspects of inclusive entrepreneurship in Europe. This section is an opportunity to read publications of other networks and associations in the areas of Action Planning, Entrepreneurship Education, Quality Management, Access to Finance, and Integrated Business Support for inclusive entrepreneurship.

New article on COPIE Toolkit published in Social Agenda magazine

Read more about COPIE's achievements of promoting inclusive entrepreneurship in Europe in DG Employment and Social Affair's

EU Commission Publication 'The ESF: supporting entrepreneurs and the self-employed'

'Small businesses and the men and women who start them are the backbone of the EU economy, contributing greatly to wealth creation and employment.

Book: 'Who's the Entrepreneur?' - The BizFizz Story: Unleashing the passion, transforming communities

published by the UK-based programme BizFizz, a joint venture between the Civic Trust and the new economics foundation (nef)

'Do SME's create more and better jobs?' - New study on the SME's impact on the EU labour market

The European Commission has just published a new study analyzing the important role small and medium sized enterprises play in creating more and better jobs.

European Employment Observatory Review - Self-Employment 2010

Published by the EU Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Self-employment makes a considerable contribution to the EU economy in terms of entrepreneurship and job creation and accounted for almost 15% of total employment in the Union in 2009. However, it also carries a degree of risk and EU-level policies have been developed over a number of years to support self-employment and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2010

by Donna J. Kelley, Niels Bosma, José Ernesto Amorós and Global Entrepreneurship Research Association (GERA)

With this report, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has completed 12 annual surveys of the entrepreneurial attitudes, activities and aspirations of individuals around the world. Starting with just 10 developed countries in 1999, GEM has grown to include over 80 economies during the course of these 12 years. In 2010, over 175,000 people were surveyed in 59 economies.

EU DG Education and Culture publishes 'Mapping of teachers' preparation for entrepreneurship education' report

This study is an attempt to get a first impression on the level and type of activities taken at practitioner level to include entrepreneurship in teacher education.

New report on 'Teacher Education for Entrepreneurship: Towards a Development Agenda'

Initiated by the European Commission, the European Training Foundation and the international research and consultancy agency ECORYS recently published a new report on 'Teacher Education for Entrepreneurship: Towards a Development Agenda'. The report provides a summary and evaluation of a pilot action on training teachers for entrepreneurship education funded by the EU Commission, DG Enterprise and DG Education and Culture.

Entrepreneurship Education: ‘CEDEFOP Study: Guidance supporting Europe’s aspiring entrepreneurs’, June 2011

The European Commission and Member States have been working together since the 1990s to develop an entrepreneurial education and training agenda in Europe.Yet to date there had been no study on how guidance can encourage entrepreneurship and the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset.