Quality Management

COPIE Policy Forum 2012 (Berlin) - full conference report available for download

Hosted and organised by the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the COPIE Policy Forum on ‘Entrepreneurship for All: Promoting inclusive growth in Europe through the European Structural F

EU Commission publishes 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan'

In January 2013, the European Commission has published the 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan' as part of its Europe2020 strategy. According to the Commission, the Action plan

COPIE Toolkit for Inclusive Entrepreneurship - full document available online

The COPIE network has now finalised one of its key products, the COPIE Toolkit for Inclusive Entrepreneurship.

COPIE publishes Action Plan to promote inclusive entrepreneurship in the next round of the European Structural Funds

As a result of COPIE's work over the past three years, the members of the COPIE network have published a COPIE Action Plan for Inclusive Entrepreneurship that is addressed to polic

Quality management and inclusive entrepreneurship support – a new COPIE standard for inclusive business advice

COPIE Story of the Month

99% of all businesses in Europe are small to medium-sized; in fact, 92% are micro-businesses with less than 10 employees. According to the European Employment Observatory Review 2010, the total number of self-employed people in the European Union is 32.5 million, accounting for about 15% of total employment. The report acknowledges that ‘Self-employment is an important driver of entrepreneurship and job creation and thus contributes to the European Union’s goals of more growth and better jobs’. Figures from an EU-commissioned Study on the SME’s impact on the EU labour market published in January 2012 further confirm this.

New self-learning handbook for business start-up advisors in Galicia

Based on the British ACCBA/SFEDI community-based business advisors' guide, COPIE's Thematic Group on Quality Management has developed a self-learning handbook in Spanish for business advisors in Galicia.

CoP QM Baseline study.

This report describes the demographic and economic structure, the quality of business support system and the roles of the ESF and ERDF in business support. (Published: end 2009) (Available in English and German)
Download (pdf, English, 1,5 MB)
Download (pdf, German, 1,0 MB)

Quality implementation guide

A guide to implement quality assurance schemes in publicly financed business start-up support infrastructures in European regions. (Published: Oct. 2010) (Available in English and German)

06/07 - 07/07

Meeting on Quality Management in Galicia

Lessons learnt

A document which summarized the lessons learnt by the CoP QM working group until mid 2010. (Published: 30/06/2010) (Available in German)
Download (pdf, 133 KB)

Quality implementation process

A short guideline describing the implementation phase’s regions will go through. (Published: April 2010) (Available in English, Spanish, German)
Download (pdf, English, 100 KB)
Download (pdf, Spanish, 102 KB)
Download (pdf, German, 101 KB)

Matrix of start-up infrastructure

(Published: May 2010) (Available in German)

Glossary: central terminology

A short glossary of most relevant terminologies in the topics of quality management and business start-up support. (Published: July 2010) (Available in English and German)
Download (pdf, English, 332 KB)
Download (pdf, German, 76 KB)

Start-up Advice Toolbox

(Published: Oct. 2010) (Available in English, Spanish and German)

Short concept of Quality Management System for Business Advisors

(Published: Oct. 2010) (Available in English, Spanish and German)

Business advisors profiling tool

(Published: May 2011) (Available in Spanish and German)

In the process of development

  • Design of organizational structure, content and communication system of Excellence Centre and Award Centres.
  • Design and delivery of a self-learning handbook for business start-up advisors.
  • Design and implementation of an organisation based QM process for Incyde foundation.

First version of the profiling tool to analyse qualification of business advisors is available for COPIE partners.

With this tool business advisors and contractors will have the opportunity to (self) evaluate the minimum qualification requirements for business advisors and identify further qualification/training needs.