Revision of 'Entrepreneurship Education‘ section of COPIE’s Diagnosis Tool

COPIE Story of the Month

The COPIE Diagnosis Tool for inclusive entrepreneurship is a standardised instrument developed by COPIE to assess local or regional business support infrastructures across Europe. Based on recent experience from its application, the COPIE Diagnosis Tool is currently in the process of being updated, and a manual on how to implement this instrument will be posted on this website shortly.

Starting with an introductory section on the 'enterprise ecology' in the respective region or city, the COPIE Diagnosis Tool furthermore covers the following four topics more specifically: 1. Culture and Conditions; 2. Start-Up Support; 3. Access to Finance; and 4. Consolidation and Growth.

As for the COPIE Diagnosis Tool’s section on ‘Culture and Conditions’, which includes a number of questions on the entrepreneurship education system, COPIE partners have decided to put this under a more profound revision. Together with its Lead expert, the responsible Lead partner Spain met with representatives from DG Enterprise & Industry and DG Culture, Education, Youth of the European Commission in July to discuss change and potential synergies between COPIE’s work on this subject and related initiatives of the Commission. A revised version of this section is expected to be ready and approved by COPIE partners in autumn.

In the meantime, more information on the COPIE Diagnosis Tool and the COPIE Thematic Group on Entrepreneurship Education can be found in other sections of this website.