Ana María Méndez Rodríguez

Ana María Méndez Rodríguez

"CEEI Asturias as the reference entity in the region for the implementation of entrepreneurship policies and programmes has been selected by the Regional Ministry of Industry and Employment in the Principality of Asturias to develop the role of expert from the working group Integrated Business Support and collaboration with the rest of activities in the Project."


Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación del Principado de Asturias (CEEI Asturias) / European Business and Innovation Centre in the Principality of Asturias


Spain - Asturias


Projects Manager


Parque Tecnológico de Asturias
33428 – Llanera
Asturias, Spain

+34 985 98 00 98
My Affiliation with COPIE: 

Expert for the working group Integrated Business Support working for the Regional Ministry of Industry and Employment in the Principality of Asturias.

I am Member of the Working Group(s) or have participated in: 

Integrated Business Support (expert), Collaboration with Action Planning working group

The two most relevant Topics within COPIE for my work are: 

Business support services and access to finance

Description of the Organisation / Region i am working for: 

 CEEI Asturias was funded according to the European Commission to encourage the creation and consolidation of innovative and technology based companies in Asturias. It provides global support to entrepreneurs, using a methodology structured in several phases based on a formal quality system and results oriented. It offers entrepreneurship promotion, business advice, legal and industrial protection advice, access to finance, training schemes, incubation and bioincubation and it takes part in different programs oriented to R&D&i, some of them co-financed by ESF/ERDF in order to improve and offer new services. It is member of the European Business and Innovation Centres Network (EBN) , and national level in the Spanish National Association of BICs (ANCES).