‘Driving Ideas into Action’ - COPIE partners share governance techniques for designing and implementing regional inclusive entrepreneurship support strategies

Driving ideas into action

‘Joint action planning’ is one of the five designated thematic areas of collaboration within the COPIE partnership. Over a period of one year, delegates from Asturias, the Czech Republic, Flanders, Germany and Wallonia met four times to share experience in governing regional entrepreneurship systems. More specifically, discussions revolved around the four themes of ‘Developing a common vision’; ‘Agreeing an evaluation strategy’; ‘Building an integrated campaign’; and ‘Planning for a legacy’. Partners shared their individual regional policies and practices, and the group jointly worked towards identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as key criteria for success.

Activities of the Group

Activities of the group have included the following international participatory workshop:

  • Creating and sharing a vision of inclusive entrepreneurship, March 2010 in Flanders, Belgium;

  • Appropriate evaluation mechanism for inclusive entrepreneurship programmes, August 2010, Wallonia, Belgium

  • Building a sustained and coherent campaign for inclusive entrepreneurship, November 2010, Czech Republic;

  • Leaving a legacy, April 2011, Asturias, Spain

COPIE Tools Action Planning

The Action Planning tools for developing and sustaining effective inclusive entrepreneurship policies focus on the following topics:

  • 1. Developing a common vision;
  • 2. Agreeing an evaluation strategy;
  • 3. Building an integrated campaign; and
  • 4. Planning for a legacy.

Each topic is addressed through a specific 1.5 day workshop. For a detailed description of the workshop methodology please listen to the Lead expert’s podcast here.

  • The first workshop looks at the process of building a vision of success that could be accepted by partners and that focussed on the end benefits to the citizen.
    COPIE Workshop: Creating a Vision, March 2010
    Download (pdf,  6,4 MB)
  • The second workshop shares experience of practitioners, policy makers and ESF managing authorities when identifying suitable evaluation measures for activity, results and impacts of inclusive entrepreneurship.
    COPIE Workshop: How do we know that we are any good?, August 2011
    Download (pdf, 6,3 MB)
  • The third workshop compares practice of cultural change programmes in each of the COPIE partners and seeks to identify appropriate media for specific audiences.
    COPIE Workshop: How do we sustain a coherent campaign? Time for a Cultural Change?, December 2010
    Download (pdf, 7,2 MB)
  • The fourth workshop considers a number of approaches to planning for legacy arising from inclusive entrepreneurship as currently adopted by ESF managing Authorities and regional governments.
    COPIE Workshop: Planning for Legacy, May 2011
    Download (pdf, 3,7 MB)

For more information on the thematic group on Action Planning please see here