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COPIE Policy Forum 2012 (Berlin) - full conference report available for download

Hosted and organised by the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the COPIE Policy Forum on ‘Entrepreneurship for All: Promoting inclusive growth in Europe through the European Structural F

COPIE @ 'Developing Inclusive Entrepreneurship Strategies' OECD/EU seminar

The promotion and support of self-employment and business start-ups remains underdeveloped in many countries, in particular by groups that are disadvantaged or under-represented in the labour market and entrepreneurship, such as the unemployed, youth, seniors, migrants, women, people with disabilities. The potential of inclusive entrepreneurship schemes, particularly within the context of the current crisis, is still not fully realised.

EU Commission publishes 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan'

In January 2013, the European Commission has published the 'Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan' as part of its Europe2020 strategy. According to the Commission, the Action plan

COPIE @ EU Committe of Regions conference 'An agenda for skills and jobs: Regions and cities contributing to training and active labour market policies'

To demonstrate the importance of the regions and cities in the success of the Europe 2020 strategy and to encourage the exchange of good practice, the EU Committee of the Regions will organise a thematic exhibition during the conference “An agenda for new skills and jobs” in Dublin. The conference will focus on the reform of the labour market, the increase of the skill levels, job growth and job quality.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Portugal - new report based on COPIE's Diagnosis Tool

A new report on the application of the COPIE Diagnosis Tool in Portugal is available for download here.

COPIE @ EU Commission conference on: 'Inclusive entrepreneurship – Obstacles and Opportunities for Job creation in Europe'

The conference, which will be opened by Koos Richelle, Director General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission, will give the opportunity to listen to experiences from entrepreneurs from all over Europe and the views of academics on obstacles and enablers of business and thus job creation in Europe.

In the afternoon, good practices from across the EU to address these obstacles will be presented in three parallel workshops on how to

COPIE @ Centre for Parliamentary Studies Symposium

Under the title of 'Supporting Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Europe: Creating Sustainable Employment and Promoting Equal Opportunities', the Centre for Parliamentary Studies in Brussels runs a one-day event on inclusive entrepreneurship in Brussels on September 18, 2012.

COPIE Toolkit for Inclusive Entrepreneurship - full document available online

The COPIE network has now finalised one of its key products, the COPIE Toolkit for Inclusive Entrepreneurship.

COPIE publishes Action Plan to promote inclusive entrepreneurship in the next round of the European Structural Funds

As a result of COPIE's work over the past three years, the members of the COPIE network have published a COPIE Action Plan for Inclusive Entrepreneurship that is addressed to polic

‘Entrepreneurship for All: Promoting inclusive growth in Europe through the European Structural Funds’ – COPIE successfully held two-day Policy Forum in Berlin

Copie Story of the Month

The COPIE Policy Forum on "Entrepreneurship for All: Promoting inclusive growth in Europe through the European Structural Funds" took place on April 16-17, 2012 in Berlin. With a total number of 70 delegates from twelve EU countries and thirteen different European regions, this interactive and lively event proved to be an excellent forum for discussing the results of COPIE’s work.

Book: 'Who's the Entrepreneur?' - The BizFizz Story: Unleashing the passion, transforming communities

published by the UK-based programme BizFizz, a joint venture between the Civic Trust and the new economics foundation (nef)

Access to finance for inclusive entrepreneurship businesses: COPIE’s microfinance practices in Germany, Lithuania, Flanders, and the Czech Republic

COPIE Story of the month

This October was a crucial month for future policy action on microfinance in Europe: as part of the draft legislative package for the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020, the EU Commission has announced a new Programme for Social Change and Innovation which refers to microfinance and combines the three previous initiatives of Progress, EURES and the European Progress Microfinance Facility (EPMF). At the same time, the Commission published the proposals for the new ESF and ERDF regulations. Details of the current status of the EPMF are now available in the 2010 Implementation report; and finally, DG Enterprise issued a new European Code of Good Conduct for Microfinance Provision.

COPIE’s 3rd COPIE Access to Finance peer review meeting in Berlin last month, and the partners’ work on a joint Manual on Access to Finance for ESF Managing Authorities are thus extremely timely.