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Quality management and inclusive entrepreneurship support – a new COPIE standard for inclusive business advice

COPIE Story of the Month

99% of all businesses in Europe are small to medium-sized; in fact, 92% are micro-businesses with less than 10 employees. According to the European Employment Observatory Review 2010, the total number of self-employed people in the European Union is 32.5 million, accounting for about 15% of total employment. The report acknowledges that ‘Self-employment is an important driver of entrepreneurship and job creation and thus contributes to the European Union’s goals of more growth and better jobs’. Figures from an EU-commissioned Study on the SME’s impact on the EU labour market published in January 2012 further confirm this.

Quality Management

The main objective of this group is to identify good practices in quality management for business start-up support in the context of a European exchange; and to develop, apply and transfer them to other interested regions. Both high-quality and inclusive policies, structures and processes including inter alia accreditation for individual advisors and training schemes and review mechanisms will be developed in close collaboration with the partners.