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Enhancing transparency in regional and national business support – the COPIE Resources Map

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Effective business support services are at the heart of regional entrepreneurship programmes. Member States and regions in Europe have established and financed a large number of support schemes for different sectors and for different stages in the entrepreneur’s itinerary.
These are mostly delivered by economic development agencies, specialised support organisations, chambers of commerce and craft, business associations, independent advisors or local authorities.

Book: 'Who's the Entrepreneur?' - The BizFizz Story: Unleashing the passion, transforming communities

published by the UK-based programme BizFizz, a joint venture between the Civic Trust and the new economics foundation (nef)

Integrated Business Support

The efficiency and effectiveness of a start-up support system depends on providing easy and barrier free access to services. Programmes should be made transparent and interlinked in a meaningful way, including the provision of special support for specific target groups.