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Marion Cahen

"The business sector in Flanders has a large share of SME’s but the Total Entrepreneurial Activity rate of Flanders..."

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The German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the German Microfinance Institute (DMI) will host a two-day...


On October 6-7, 2011, COPIE members of the Thematic Working Group on Access to Finance and additional partners from...


On March 29-30, the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) hosts a two-day seminar in Brussels which is...


For more information on these tools please go to the ‘COPIE Tools’ section of this website.

Manual on Access to Finance for ESF MA’s

A manual on the design of microfinance operations under the ESF.

COPIE II – Access to Finance Evaluation and Assessment Framework on 'Good Practices' in microfinance

Assessment Framework/Collection of good practices to detect, describe and analyse good practices in microfinance.

Peer Review Methodology for the Access to Finance sector

Work methodology
Structured learning of successful models via transnational exchange of experience.