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Iván Diego

"I believe entrepreneurship education can play a pivotal role in preventing disengagement and early school leaving, two of the most cited ills of education systems in Europe leading to social exclusion."

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Entrepreneurship Education

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Entrepreneurship is one of the eight key competences for lifelong learning and represents a valuable set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable people to transform ideas into actions. The role of education in the development of this competence should not be underestimated. The Europe2020 strategy thus highlights the importance of entrepreneurship education in promoting a more competitive and entrepreneurial workforce.

Evidence suggests that making entrepreneurship education an integral part of the curriculum leads to an increase in entrepreneurial intention and attitude but also to greater prospects to get a job. Employers have consistently complained about the lack of skills such as self-initiative, communication skills, ability for teamwork. Better employability means lower risk of social exclusion and, in our opinion, this is the greatest asset of entrepreneurship education.

The entrepreneurship education group led by the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with Flanders being an active partner seeks out to analyse the role ESF could play in shaping and reinforcing the entrepreneurship education
agenda in 2014-2020 .