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Integrated Business Support

Thematic Groups

The efficiency and effectiveness of a start-up support system depends on providing easy and barrier free access to services. Programmes should be made transparent and interlinked in a meaningful way, including the provision of special support for specific target groups.

The main focus of the COPIE Thematic Group on Integrated Business Support Services was on the analysis and research of the good practices in facilitating business start ups and their survival. The aim is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary business support services and to improve existing structures through the implementation of new policies by taking advantage of the European Structural Funds.

Previously run by the Regional Ministry of Industry and Employment, since May 2011 the Thematic Group is led by the Regional Ministry of Economy and Employment in the Principality of Asturias.

The partner regions are:

  • Czech Republic: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
    • Filip Kucera (ESF Management Department)
    • Hana Galiová and Michaela Barotkova (GLE)
  • Kaunas (Lithuania):
    • Evelina Vainoriené (Kaunas Regional Development Agency)
  • Extremadura (Spain): Regional Ministry of Equality and Employment
    • Virginia Jiménez (Regional Ministry of Employment)
  • Galicia (Spain): Regional Ministry of Economy and Industry, Regional Ministry of Employment, Regional Ministry of Treasure
    • Maite Cancelo and Noemí Iglesias (Business and Innovation Centre (BIC Galicia))
    • Jorge Barros (Directorate General for Recruitment and Entrepreneurship)
    • Arturo López (Directorate General for Economic Planning)