Lead Expert

Norbert Kunz

“With today’s huge mobility in the working market entrepreneurship is a key issue and the best way out for unemployed and those who want to avoid unemployment”.

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Quality Management

Thematic Groups

The main objective of this group is to identify good practices in quality management for business start-up support in the context of a European exchange; and to develop, apply and transfer them to other interested regions. Both high-quality and inclusive policies, structures and processes including inter alia accreditation for individual advisors and training schemes and review mechanisms will be developed in close collaboration with the partners. The core members of this group are Extremadura, Galicia, Andalusia and the Spanish nationwide Incyde foundation .

Among other activities study visits have been conducted to analyse and assess regional start-up support infrastructures, surveys for business advisors and entrepreneurs and the development of a European Quality Management System for business advisors.

Partner regions:

  • Andalucía (Spain): Regional Ministry of Employment,
    • Ángeles Cruzado (Regional Ministry of Employment)
    • Maria José Cabanillas Cabanillas (Regional Ministry of Employment)
  • Extremadura (Spain): Regional Ministry of Equality and Employment,
    • Regional Ministry of Employment (Regional Ministry of Employment)
    • Virginia Jimenez (Regional Ministry of Employment)
  • Galicia (Spain): Regional Ministry of Economy and industry - Business & Innovation Centre (BIC Galicia), Regional Ministry of Employment (Directorate-General for Recruitment and Entrepreneurship) and Regional Ministry of Treasure (Directorate-General for Economic Planning),
    • Noemí Iglesias Rodríguez (BIC Galicia)
    • Jorge Barros (Regional Ministry of Employment)
  • Incyde Foundation (Spain),
    • Aurelio Jimenez Romero (Incyde Foundation)
  • IQ Netzwerk (Germany),
    • Dr. Ralf Sänger (IQ Netzwerk)
    • Nadine Förster (IQ Netzwerk)